Panther's Palette studio has been lucky enough to be chosen for a grant from the SV Foundation to support the new TAB curriculum and the digital documentation of students' work. 6 ipads are being used to document completed projects. Currently, I am taking photographs of all student work, but as the year is winding to an end and I have had time to become familiar with Seesaw, a digital student portfolio app, I will be handing the baton over to the students.
Here is a screen shot of my view for Seesaw.

Below are the links to each grade's blog! These blogs feature some of the student work made throughout the year. The centers we have opened this year are Drawing, Collage and Painting.
We are currently working on completing our ceramics project. K-4 learned how to make a pinch pot, and each grade level built upon that skill. First learned simple attachments to create a foot (base) for the pot, 2nd-4th learned attachments, use of clay tools and other skills on an individual basis to transform their pinch pot into something of their choosing.

Fifth Grade is deep into plaster mask making!

Please click the grade to see more! The blogs are constantly updating, and you are welcome to post comments on the students' work.

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