Wabi Sabi Christmas Ornaments

Wabi-sabi- another Japanese mindset of embracing imperfections, struggle and growth as something beautiful. Child art is my favorite example of this- as the nature of their work is free from the adult idea of "perfection". Their work feels alive, like the spirit of the children themselves. Keep your inner child alive.   

The previous post included details of our current simple ceramic project. The simplicity of these ornaments highlights the beauty of the glaze, and is giving our artists confidence in working with ceramics. I so look forward to our first open clay session...most likely some time in February when we really need a break from the norm. 

This is what the ornaments look like before being fired. This is third grade work. 
Some of our artists happily glazing today. 
Here are the ornaments after firing! The reds are still dark from the heat of the kiln. The colors lighten and brighten as they cool down. 
Happy Holidays:) This first grade star just makes me smile. 


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