Whole class ceramics

Panther's Palette is beginning to become a pretty well-oiled machine in our big three centers: collage, painting and drawing! Up next will be the sculpture center, which will include found objects and cardboard construction. Ceramics is one of my favorite things to teach, but because of our school body size and specific steps that need to take place in its creation, a designated center for such a material would not work. When clay comes out-- all things come to a holt.

The past week, Kindergarten to 5th is "unlocking" the clay my creating a whole-class, one period (40 minutes) project. I wanted them to get as much exposure to clay as possible so that when clay comes back out in the future, they'll be more successful with free-choice creation. So to keep it quick and simple, we used cookie cutters in slabs to create holiday ornaments. K-3rd focused on carving and printing in the clay. Fourth grade learned how to attach by scoring/slipping, and fifth did the same in addition to having the ability to combine shapes to make new pieces.

Here is how I was able to organize teaching 200-some students a day with GLAZING! Even our Kinders were successful in the new routine, keeping the glaze bottles organized and in good condition. I am so proud of them and I cannot wait for them to bring something home for the holidays.
I have a "special center" rolling table which the students stamped their clay pieces out on, and today I turned it into the glaze center. Students chose one glaze bottle at a time, and went to the designated table for that color. They retrieved a new brush for each new color of glaze. Dirty brushes go in the "brush bath" and I quickly rinse them off and return them to the cups during studio time. 

Each cap is labeled the color family it belongs in, and is organized in the box by color. The menu on the board features the tile sample of that glaze with the name of the color underneath for the students to refer to. 

The tables had place cards which indicated which table they should bring their glazes to! If they could not find it in the box, they went to that table and shared with the person that already had it. It worked perfectly- even for Kinders! 


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