Introduction to TAB at SVES

Pana-view of the Drawing Center

Already I see I change in my students' morale. Already I see that I am reaching students who I have not reached before in art class. Cycle one was all about introducing the idea of choice-based artwork, and how it would work in our crazy-fast 40 minute period with so many of us in the room. It will take time for us to learn the routine- and today, we just focused on the idea of an IDEA. It is all about the children, right? I know their names, but I do not know much else about them, and am so excited to get to know more about each child as I help bring their ideas to fruition. Today, our artists filled out an idea bank- a place to write about interests and think about what is important to them.

Around the perimeter of the room, centers of various media will be opened throughout the year. Currently, we are at "Level 1", the foundation of our visual language- drawing. The students are working to "unlock" the drawing tools by practicing various skill builders, which relate to the demo videos I tape and show them at the beginning of class that introduce various techniques with an art tool. For cycle one, we unlocked the tool that we are all most familiar with: crayons. I wanted the students to get a feel for the "unlocking" process, as well as use an old tool in a new way. Students created value with shading, texture with rubbing plates, and experimented with blending two or more colors together.

Next week, students will begin to gain access to more choice: they'll choose to unlock several other drawing tools and begin designing their sketchbook covers. Students will learn about portfolios (where they store their finished art projects) as well as another important addition to this year's program: share time. (Looking at art and talking about it is such an important process of observation, discussion, description and reflection!)

I can't wait to start filling the spotlight with little artists' work!
Even our trash can got an upgrade ;)


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