Autonomy begins

Two students naturally began collaborating on an idea: collecting data of the opinions of specific scent combinations of the Mr. Sketch markers. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with their data.  
In Panther's Palette studio, students are beginning to learn the routine of the drawing and painting centers. Second - fifth grade have "unlocked" all the mediums that are available by taking the time to practice techniques of each medium on a skill builder "key". Next, sketchbooks are being designed to hold the keys and sketches/plans of each student's artwork.  Like the scientific method, artists create in a rhythm of idea generation, planning, executing (creating), and reviewing (reflecting). This is the next step for our artists at SVES!
The student at the edge of the table has moved on from sketchbook design to idea generation--
practicing observational skills on sketch paper. 

This artist chose to utilize a photo reference to paint a rhino on her sketchbook. I encouraged her to draw with a pencil first before she painted, but she was excited to get right in with paint. 

The front and back (rainbow, upside down in photo) of a student's sketchbook design

 Kinders and First grade artists are working on a modified TAB. They stay at their home base tables for a more structured environment. Like the older artists, the students must "unlock" the tools by having a day to experiment and practice important techniques and skills before making an artwork. These grades have experimented with several drawing tools, practiced with scissors and glue, and have created collage artwork. (Next up: painting!) 
We discussed layering and detail. 

The action in this collage/drawing is all boy. 

This artist was very proud of the design she created with several stencils. 

This artwork (sideways) shows an apt toward building and sculpture concepts. 

This artist found an interesting texture (broken rubbing plate)

Fabulous blend of layering, detail and arrangement. 

The extraordinary skill levels of this first grade class had to be our first artist spotlight!!


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