Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Donut Day!

 Happy Donut Day! 

  It is time to reeee-wind to this time last year: Busy, busy. Pregnant, tired. Excited about sweets!~ !  This lesson was so successful, I definitely plan on repeating it. Our second graders did such a wonderful job.  They learned about color blending and creating two (and later three!) dimensional form.

 The students drew from donut still lives. Can you believe not-a-one student touched the donuts? First off, I had a serious talk about that beforehand. AND they came to realize every time they returned to the art room, the SAME donuts were out! No, they did not get moldy (weird. I think about this every time I go to a Dunkin Donuts.)
Wayne Theibaud was our inspiration.  

First, the students watched a teacher demonstration of sketching the donuts. The two donuts on the bottom should be drawn like circles, and the two donuts on the top should be drawn like ovals because they're farther away (well...except for the heart shaped Donuts). We talk about distance here. 

                                                                                                                                       Then I demonstrate blending with pastels, and the students experiment on scrap paper as they draw. We realize that light colors over dark don't work as well as dark colors over light. Adding white lightens a color. Adding black darkens a color. See where we're going here?

This took a total of 3 classes to draw. The final day, the students blended either warm or cool colors together for the background, and added a shadow with blue, purple or black. 

The donuts really made a statement when they were hung up!! 

This display was part of the art show. My favorite part. The project next to it was a Louise Nevelson assemblage. I'll get to that post at some point. :)

What was really fun and memorable for the students was making ceramic donuts as an extension!  This was their first time experiencing clay. I plan to implement clay with every grade this year, but I will still keep this extension around as a great introduction to glazes. Because who doesn't like a glazed donut, after all?  :)

The Zentangle Craze

Zentangles are all the rage: and popular for a reason. Students LOVE them. Something about that free-flowing, no stress, no-mistakes mark making that puts kiddos in a trance. Ah hem... I mean a calm, zen-like state:)

Miss McMasters introduced this lesson to our 5th graders. They used an alphabet letter as the common thread in this artwork, to doodle inside of using various pattern making lines...and doodle outside of! Some students chose to use color, some chose to keep it black and white.

Now...we don't see our 5th graders often, between being pulled out for band, and student council, and held back to finish school work, and student mentoring, and now with PSSA practice... so this project could have just kept stretching on-- so I had to provide an alternate, get-it-done-and-make-it-fun background choice.

 Cue the liquid watercolor, and painters tape.  Students experimented with wet-on-wet technique, and loved it. The geometric lines of the painters tap really contrasted nicely with the fluidity of the pattern-making and the watercolor.

I am really interested in leaning toward TAB choice-based projects, so the more choices of medium, the better. I think they turned out great! This will definitely be a repeat lesson...and the cool part is, you can zentangle inside of anything!  I am thinking about tying it into social studies and using mendhi hands or sugar skulls next year...

Symbols & Symmetry: Hex Signs

Third graders have read about Pennsylvania history, and what a great way to stitch that learning together with the common thread of art? 
Miss McMasters introduced to our students PA Hex Signs. They talked about the symbols as a language with various meanings. Third graders designed their own hex signs, after brain storming symbols that were meaningful to them. Their resulting artwork illustrated those symbols within a symmetrical design! 

Boy, do I love the panorama effect on my phone.