Sunday, November 30, 2014

Up close and colorful

One of Miss McMaster's favorite lessons was inspired by mid-twentieth century artist Georgia O'Keefe. She was revered for creating abstractions of flowers by zooming in very close, and capturing the essence and beauty of the New Mexico desert.

4th grade chose something of interest from nature and got up close and colorful with them~ !

Monday, November 24, 2014

Magic Mosaics

Philadelphia artist Isaiac Zagar was third grade's source of inspiration as they leaned about mosaics murals, and the stories that they tell. Miss McMasters showed Saucon students Zagar's Magic Gardens, a mosaicked environment and art center on South Street. As they looked at the mosaics, they talked about the process of making murals, and tried figuring out the story behind the images within it. 
Third grade thought up stories of their own, whether real or imaginary, and used precut foam sheets to illustrate them. They used favorite holidays, seasons, birthdays and hobbies  as a personal source of inspiration.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wild drawings

What is spiky, slimy, fuzzy or rough? Big or small or wonky or gruff? 

(Our little one's imaginations!)

Miss McMasters read Where the Wild Things Are with 1st and 2nd grade. Each talked about "monster features" and imagined up their own.

1st grade experimented with wax resist using crayon and watercolor. 

2nd grade made their drawings come to life with oil pastel on black paper.

...I can only imagine they had a wild time!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Miss McMasters' masterpieces

Saucon Valley Elementary students this year are having double the fun. Why?  TWO art teachers!

 Miss Autumn McMasters has been filling in for me while I am on maternity leave. For nearly half the year, Saucon students are enjoying another artist's point of view.  I think it is great to have exposure to different art teachers and ways to approach a project or view a work of art.
She is keeping me up to date on some of the lessons that the students are learning while I am out.

First Grade: Miss McMasters started with the essential: Primary colors! First graders learned about the importance of red, yellow and blue, and studied various shapes in paintings. They were especially inspired by Mondrian's work with the following collages.  I enjoy the unique, student-led outcomes!

Second Grade  Second grade studied Mexican serapes, comparing and contrasting the patterns and designs they observed in the blankets. They learned about lines of symmetry, and experimented with wax resist using crayons and watercolor.

Third Grade Looked at images of hot air balloons, and learned about the history and main parts of the balloons, and even saw a clip of a them in action at a hot air balloon festival! 
Dr. Seuss's Oh! The places you'll go would be a lovely match for this lesson! 

Saucon students are really floating away with their imaginations! ;)