Saturday, October 25, 2014

Keep your paint in check! Elementary art paint organization

Back track to the beginning of the year-- ahhh...the fresh supply boxes stacked in rows in the art room. What a beautiful sight. This year, I am focusing on finishing up the old tempera paint, and then consolidating into gallon containers for less plastic waste. to pass out the paint during projects, when you have 30+ squirrely students? I think I've found it.

And here it is.

See... last year I'd used 4 oz bottles, which worked great for size. The problem that arose is the little red caps on those bottles. I had to take them off and put them on myself, or else they'd be long gone after the first month. So it was a real hassle.

The new bottles have the lids attached--they ain't goin' nowhere! :)  Alas, the baskets are a bit heavier for the students to pass out, but I firmly believe that teaching respect and care of supplies--taking the time to discuss with the students how to hold and handle the baskets in a safe manner when passing them out--works wonders. I ordered them from Triarco.  Each basket is color coordinated for a table.

That's all, folks!