Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Art Show!

850 Students. Over 2000 pieces of art. 
It is time for Saucon Valley Elementary's Art Show-- and here is a sneak peak.  The artwork is arranged similar to how it had been with the previous art teacher -- throughout the entire school, with each grade's hall displaying their artwork. This year, however, I arranged the artwork by lesson rather than by teacher--- which gives a real presence to the artwork.

WOW, what a ton of work. Two weeks of staying after school for up to an additional 4 hours, which is not an easy feat for being 6 months pregnant!  I am already planning next year's art show, completely differently, in a "gallery" setting rather than spread throughout the school. In comes Artome (more about that later). 

I can't wait to see all the kiddo's tomorrow showing off their artwork. I know that all the hard work will pay off in an instant. Didn't I say I'd give you a sneak peak?  Here we go.

5th grade

Hundreds of masks line the hallway...
Several mandalas still hang in the windows
Value Charcoal Drawings!  

3rd Grade

Onomatopoeia comic book paintings
Alexander Calder wire portraits

2nd Grade

Louise Nevelson assemblages
Wayne Theibaud oil pastel donuts and ceramic "glazed" donuts below!  (What a fun project). 

Our many owls:)

Divide the dot: Symmetrical Designs
Monet Waterlilies

1st Grade

...and the dinosaurs roamed

And who could forget our positive and negative space dots?

4th Grade

Circular weavings

Optical illusions

The only thing I am missing are the paper mache birds...  more photos to come!

** This summer, I'll be going more in depth with each project, so you can see the behind-the-scenes and more details of the beautiful work.