Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bring 'em to the art room!

One great way to show school spirit AND ART spirit---footprints of your mascot that lead to the art room!  Did you know...there is a rainbow panther who walks the halls? 
I am working on a giant display board for the students' first lesson. Self portraits! I was inspired by numerous "back to school" murals such as this one.  What I was excited about most: teaching children about monochromatic artwork, and facial proportion. I found a fantastic video which uses simple, interactive strategies to experience proportion...and watching the children's eyes get wide when they realize their nose is a great measurement tool--- well, more on that later;). 
Your friendly representatives at Home Depot or Lowes do not mind if you take a "few" extra paint samples. Especially if you have a story to go with it. In fact, those colorful paint sample displays change every so often--and do you know what happens? Thousands of these beautiful pieces of paper get thrown out. I have been told to check with the paint centers every now and then to see if the paint companies plan to update the displays soon. 

The paint samples certainly make a nice display boarder. I do not have a photo of the detail--but if you notice the faint lines--I have divided up the display board into squares--855 to be exact--enough for my 850 students to each have a space.