100 Dot Installation

How many ways can you show 100?
While tying math into art, some of my first graders (the Violet group) learned about how art can transform space. We looked at artwork by Yayoi Kusama (her amazing installation, Look Now, See Forever) and discussed what an art installation is. 
Looking back to September (International Dot Day, 9/15)-- we created our own very unique dots--100 of them--to create our own mini-installation.  What does 100 look like demonstrated and illustrated?  
In our short 40 minute classes, the lesson went a little something like this: 
 Day 1: The students printed dots with balloons (the water balloon size) and rings with plastic cups. We looked at Georges Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon the Island of La Grade Jatte and estimated the number of dots. (It was a contest: the winner received their very own multicolored crayon "dot") No one knows for sure, but some estimate 3.5 million to 6.4 million!
Day 2 was spent creating tye die dots with coffee filters and water soluble markers.
Day 3: We put them all together!  The students cut out their many dots and thought about layering them on top of one another.

There is something so beautiful and whimsical about these dots!
Day 4: As the students took turns lying them out on the floor, we counted our dots. How exciting it was, the closer we got to 100!
We made small tape rings on the dots and carefully brought them down to our chosen space. The students voted for the cafeteria, so that everyone can see !  

The students put their dots on the wall wherever they thought looked best, and I hung up a few to add some height. Stepping back, we noted how they all looked together and how it brightened the space: transforming it from an empty wall to a work of art!


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