Display Board Duty

A blank piece of paper can be intimidating. Or an empty canvas. An untouched display board in a school environment calls out for a message. "LET ME SPEAD THE NEWS!" It would say.

All too often, a poster or space-filler will be used, to occupy that empty space like an advertisement at a bus stop-- a transient, futile message that remains unnoticed to passersby.
The idea of this simple messenger flier was circulating Pinterest. I post this outside my door. You can only take one if you commit to trying something new! (And I want to hear about it).
Oh, and the dog above? That is my mascot--a schnauzer dog... I am Mrs. Schnalzer after all. 

Don't get me wrong--teachers are the busiest, most multi-tasking people I have ever known. Display boards are time consuming and often feel frivolous compared to all else being juggled in a day's work.

 This is where the art teacher comes in. We have the responsibility of being the central point of the school, like a visual heartbeat of the student body. The work that we make with our students should occupy those empty display boards year round--to advocate for the arts programs within the school and to reflect the personalities of the student body. It is my responsibility to help out as much as I can within the visual aspects of the school.
This display board was created for Back To School Night.  It reads, "Art ties learning to life"
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850 students and 5 different grade levels per day is PLENTY to juggle, and extra responsibilities can be a bit much sometimes. But here is the thing: what we make today, we can use for tomorrow.  And sometimes good design means stripping things down to its simplest elements. Art is not always embellishment, sometimes it is a sturdy, clean design...like the board above that was made as an advocate for the art education, made for back to school night.

Or reuse old displays! This one I found when cleaning out the art room. A beautiful collage representing our town, Hellertown, PA. I added "We are a community" underneath and vvvvualah! Since it hadn't been seen for a few years, it felt like new to the school environment.
The kiddos all crowded around the morning it was hung.


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