Art Teachers should not buy posters

The art room is a place that can be transformed into a communal space of handmade creativity. Students can see the visual personality of the teacher. The teacher can advocate for the culture of the students to be visible to the school. Displaying commercially made posters negates the learning outcome found within the power of hand work. Individuality, time investment, care to detail, and consideration of the people viewing it. Displaying store bought posters sends a message that art is bought in a store.  I am inspired by Waldorf education techniques to provoke wonder and curiosity. 

The following are details from the "Today I will be" wheel as requested by friends and followers. 

I wanted to make a color wheel like the students have never seen. Before, it was just a poster, which I bet most of them ignored or do not remember.  I've since added labels underneath the Primary and Secondary colors. 


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