Art Room Organization

Some people think artists are disorganized. 

Artists make it their business to be organized...whether or not it is visually evident. We've got to promote ourselves. We need our supplies and do not want to waste time looking for them. Those countless hours are meant to be spent creating. 

Art Educators facilitate an order-in-chaos environment. If there is not a buzz of excitement, something is wrong. I plan to keep my mind clear by being on top of my room, making sure it is clutter free.  

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. 

To keep myself from feeling like this during my first year of teaching, I spent countless hours organizing my space. My room is a dream--so many cupboards. The problem is, all of them were packed with supplies from a 30 year career of a (lovely) teacher who has just retired. In order to take account of my inventory, ensure easier prep time, and clear my head, I had to take it all out and rearrange it. 

180 Degree View of the space I have inherited, as it was the first day I received the keys.
My husband was a huge help

The construction paper was stacked in numerous cupboards, mixed up and piled on through the years. The best thing I could do for myself was take it all out and sort it by color. 

This was around hour #2 of organizing by color (that face cracks me up!) What you do not see is the giant stack of paper in his arms. 
7 cupboards filled, each coordinated by color. Success.
The best thing I can do for my room is to keep similar supplies together in the same area. So I moved on to each cupboard this way. 
The inks were arranged in shallow bins, so that they were lying flat and kept from leaking. 
Oil pastels come in an assorted pack. The problem is, after they've been used, some of the packs are missing essential colors. I decided to arrange them by color so that I have at least 6 boxes of each--since I have six large tables. 
And then there were books. Boxes and Boxes of books. Jackie was smart to save anything the library discarded. I have so many resource books and "how-to" books it is crazy. Some are from the sixties and seventies. Until I determine they are obsolete, I am saving them. 
--Sigh--the tables are clear again. After a week or so of arranging, I finally left feeling put together. 
And then, this is what happened on Monday. 


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